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The Seal Project

A non-profit created to bring awareness for Fentanyl & make a change to our community here in Boise, ID. 

Fentanyl is now the number one killer of Americans between the ages of 18 and 49. More than cancer, car accidents, or gun violence. It is a law enforcement crisis and a public health crisis. And we are doing everything we can to stop it.

Fentanyl is killing a shocking number of Americans & faces a growing threat here in our home town of Boise. Many people we meet today know of someone recent that has passed away from being exposed, including some of our close friends.

People are dying from Fentanyl being found in their weed, lsd, cocaine, being slipped into their drinks & many other ways. 

Fentanyl seizures have dramatically increased showing us that this drug is being funneled into Idaho at an extreme rate & the deaths of people we know are going to become greater.

Governor Little created "Operation Esto Perpetua" a new strategy to do more to protect our communities through Law enforcement & The Citizens Action Group. 

But it's not enough. Even a statement from the Citizens Action Group stated "Public information campaigns or education curriculum addressing these issues currently does not exist in Idaho."

Currently there is no focus or leadership driving awareness to the people of Boise & surrounding areas.

The Seal Project was created to change that.  

We are excited to bring more awareness to the youth, schools, universities, music venues, bars & people in our community. 

The Seal Project is fighting to protect & make sure people know the dangers of Fentanyl, what it is and how someone can be exposed to it & the tools needed to save your life.

We will be installing Narcan Vending Machines inside each of our supporting bars. Providing Narcan Nasal Spray making it easily accessible to everyone. Increasing access to the overdose-reversing drug & helping save lives. 

Did you know that Fentanyl testing strips are illegal in Idaho?

Unfortunately yes, Idaho is behind other states in allowing these to be legal & available to the public.

Falling under the old '70s-era war on drugs law' Which makes the fentanyl testing strips illegal here in Idaho.

We are advocating to change this immediately and need your help. Please sign our petition to get this law changed so that we can bring more resources to our community. 



Connect to help save lives in our community

Seal Project Corp / Non- Profit Organization

Boise, Idaho


EIN: 93-1854827

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