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The Boise Seal Project is a local non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about the fentanyl crisis and providing the life-saving drug naloxone to the community of Boise, Idaho. 

We aim to educate & train the public about the dangers of fentanyl and empower individuals with the tools to respond effectively in case of exposure. Our mission is to save lives.

Fentanyl is now the number one killer of Americans between the ages of 18 to 49. 

More then cancer, car accidents or gun violence. It is a public health & law enforcement crisis and we are doing everything we can to stop it.

Fentanyl is killing a shocking number of Americans and faces a growing threat here in our home town of Boise, Idaho.

Many people we meet today know of someone recent that has passed away from being poisoned without their knowledge.

Fentanyl has been found in weed, molly, cocaine, oxi, lsd & many other forms. Killing people unaware.

We all know that sometime or another adults along with teenagers will experiment with friends, at parties, raves and other social events.  

Fentanyl deaths have dramatically increased showing us that this drug is being funneled into Idaho at an extreme rate and the deaths of people we know are becoming greater.

Governor Little created "Operation Esto Perpetua" a new strategy to do more to protect our communities through Law enforcement and the "Citizens Action Group."

But it's not enough. Even a statement from the Citizens Action Group stated "public information campaigns or education curriculum addressing theses issues currently doesn't NOT exist in Idaho."

Currently there is no focus or leadership driving awareness to the people of Boise & surrounding areas.

The Boise Seal Project was created to change that.

Our mission is to bring more awareness to the youth, schools, universities, music venues, bars and the people in our community.

We are training companies on how to use Narcan and supply it within their industries. 

Such as Construction Companies, employees and staff of businesses if a situation was to occur where someone is exposed.

The Seal Team is fighting to protect our community and to make sure people know the dangers of Fentanyl and how easy it is for anyone to be exposed.

To help people understand what it is and to provide the tools needed to save a life such as Narcan Spray.

Our goal is to make Narcan Nasal Spray easily accessible to everyone & to help save lives here in our hometown of the Treasure Valley.

Please reach out to us for information or support.


Connect to help save lives in our community

Seal Project Corp / Non- Profit Organization

Boise, Idaho


Tax Deductible / 501c3

EIN: 93-1854827

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